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Our everyday life blossoms suddenly into bright possibilities ~ Hellen Keller

This month we are launching South Hill Designs MEXICO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and QUEBEC!! Click HERE to learn more! Click HERE for PRESS RELEASE!

Welcome to South Hill Designs, a ground floor direct sales party plan company which launched in February 2013 featuring lockets and charms!  YOU CAN PURCHASE YOUR SOUTH HILL DESIGNS STARTER KIT FOR JUST $59 or $199! Kits are shipping NOW!! If you are thinking about becoming a consultant, this is the perfect time! Click HERE to learn more! Call me at (610) 914-4199 or email lisachelius@comcast.net for a copy of our COMPENSATION PLAN! And be sure to visit my website at www.southhilldesigns.com/lisachelius!

Hi!  Welcome to South Hill Designs!  Our new home-based party plan business featuring lockets and charms launched nationally on February 25th, 2013! We have consultants in the US, Puerto Rico, US Military Bases, CANADA and United Kingdom.  And right now, we are opening Mexico, Dominican Republic and Quebec!  I am excited to share style and inspiration with you as you tell your personal story with our lockets and charms!  Our mission is to bring joy, beauty and freedom to as many women as possible.  We want to spread the news of South Hill Designs all across the country because we KNOW that lives will be changed for the better. Our passion is to enrich and empower the lives of our customers, hostesses and Independent Artists.  Isn’t it exciting?  Just think of the positive influence that you can have on your family and friends with South Hill Designs!

Whether you decide to join us as a consultant to pay for dream homes, vacations, school tuition, and extra-curricular activities or to enjoy a fun hobby during retirement…OR…simply to enjoy an evening out and connect with people as a host or customer, we LOVE the fact that we have something to offer everyone.

Have you considered this once in a lifetime opportunity?

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Visit my website! http://www.southhilldesigns.com/lisachelius
Compensation Plan! Call me at (610) 914-4199 or email lisachelius@comcast.net for a copy of our COMPENSATION PLAN!

For more information, contact me at (610) 914-4199 or lisachelius@comcast.net!  I’d love to answer your questions!  Get ready to SHARE YOUR STORY and JOIN US on this amazing journey as a hostess, customer, or launch team member!  Blessings!



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