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Lisa Chelius, South Hill Designs National Director

Towards the end of my corporate career, I sat in my office realizing that I was not making a difference.  I left that world to be at home with my boys and found a new career in direct sales.  I love that we have the opportunity to change lives every single day if just for a few minutes at a party or by helping someone get started on their journey with Mialisia.  Did you know that $200 can make a significant difference in households today?  God has given me the desires of my heart which are style, entertaining, having fun and helping others.  I love the book the Training Camp by Jon Gordon.  He writes, “You will become an unstoppable force when you realize the greatest legacy you can leave are the people you inspire, teach, encourage and impact with your gifts and talents.”  How wonderful is it that with South Hill Designs, we have the opportunity to impact lives and by doing so, we are equally blessed and inspired.

Hello!  My name is Lisa Chelius.  I am the happily married mother of 2 amazing boys!  I left a 21-year career in corporate America as an accountant and programmer to be at home with my family and I found direct sales. It was one of the best decisions I have made.  With years of Direct Sales experience, I have a Master Facilitator Training Certification and I’ve been recognized as a top leader in sales, parties, leadership and recruiting.  In my role as a Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director, I have the privilege to recruit, train, coach and mentor over 21,000 independent artists.   In 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016, we were recognized as the #1 National Director Team and I was honored to be named as the first recipient of our company’s Influence Award as well as the top 6-Figure Income Earner.  Together we can do amazing things in sharing our mission to bring joy, beauty and freedom to as many women as possible as we enrich and empower the lives of our customers, hostesses and Independent Artists!!  We have INCREDIBLE RESOURCES ready for you! You will receive access to OUR TEAM’S EXCLUSIVE CONSULTANT SUCCESS SITE filled with glitz and glam… recognition, motivation, ideas, training calls, and other tools to help set you up for success RIGHT AWAY!!  One of the greatest privileges in this business is celebrating with consultants as they reach their goals and walk the stage in recognition of their accomplishments.

Get to know more about Lisa by listening to her recent interview on the national radio show, “The Tom Chenault Show.”

I am excited about this opportunity and I can’t wait to celebrate with you! For more information, contact me at (610) 914-4199 or lisachelius@comcast.net! I’d love to answer your questions! Get ready to SHARE YOUR STORY and JOIN US on this amazing journey! Blessings!

Lisa Chelius



Lisa Chelius, Mialisia Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director
Six-Figure Income Earner and Influence Award Recipient
#1 National Director Team
Direct Line: (610) 914-4199

Email: lisachelius@comcast.net

We are located in the United States, Puerto Rico, England, Quebec, Canada, United Kingdom, and Mexico! We are building a launch team now for Australia and New Zealand!