South Hill Designs — Now this is FUN!

Thanks for checking out South Hill Designs, an exciting, new home-based party plan business launching February 2013!

Our Mission…
“The mission of South Hill Designs is to bring joy, beauty and freedom to as many women as possible. We offer jewelry for creative self-expression through a fun and friendly home business. Our passion is to enrich and empower the lives of our customers, hostesses and Independent Artists.”

How It All Began

South Hill Designs was the brainchild of mother and homemaker, Tamara Ochoa. Tamara is someone who loves to express herself creatively. She’d had her own success in the party plan world, and she started dreaming of launching her own jewelry company.

Tamara looked at a multitude of personalized jewelry concepts, and she felt there was something missing. “There must be a better way to do things,” she decided. That thought became the seed for the creation of South Hill Designs.

Tamara realized that a great product idea was essential, but only half the picture. Just as important would be really caring for Artists — the women out there in the world, actually building the business.

Total Support Plus Total Quality

From her own experience in direct sales, Tamara knew that behind all the fun there must be a complete support system that everyone can depend on. And the product itself must be top quality — in every detail of design, materials and craftsmanship.

So Tamara turned her family and inner circle to assemble a team that have decades of experience running organizations, managing products and successful marketing.

Now the team was ready to launch South Hill Designs.

I’d like to personally invite you to join our South Hill Designs family of consultants, hostesses and customers! Call me at (610) 914-4199 or email for a copy of our COMPENSATION PLAN!! For more information, contact me at (610) 914-4199 or! I’d love to answer your questions! Get ready to SHARE YOUR STORY and JOIN US on this amazing journey as a hostess, customer, or launch team member! Blessings!



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